Making sure all voices are heard in our media. BritishMedia unveils its roadmap for the next year, making sure that those voices that have not been heard by the metropolitan elite are put first, and where those that tarnish our country are no longer given a safe space.

BritishMedia has today unveiled its organization roadmap for the next year, bringing trusted media to the UK that is truly balanced - Providing news on the work of Government and delivering crucial public information. It is a thorough plan that ensures BritishMedia can continue its work servicing the proud citizens of this great country, not the metropolitan elite.

It is this roadmap that marks how BritishMedia is continuing to set itself aside from its predecessor, an organization that was only too happy to prioritize the voices of those that only sought to tarnish our country. This government has managed to not only create a broadcaster that is truly proud of this great country, but has made sure that it only provides the services that people really value, through streamlined TV and Radio services that reduce the burden of fees and choice on the public.