Army and Metropolitan Police take swift action against demonstrators The Home Secretary has announced that a joint operation between the British Army and Metropolitan Police has taken swift and serious action against demonstrators in London.

The Home Secretary made a statement to the People’s Council today following the illegal demonstration held outside Downing Street this morning. In the statement she condemned the event, spelling it out as the danger to public safety which the Great British Public could plainly see it posed. She went on to say:

“While these demonstrators claim to be proponents of democracy, they are the same traitors that upheld the establishment and its broken parliament. This Government will continue to do its great work levelling up this country, and working on building our true patriotic vision for democracy for the people of our nation. And I say to those people listening that are complacent with these attacks - that we will not bow down to insurgent pressure, and you will not win.”

The Home Secretary went on to detail the coordinated response taken by the British Army and the Metropolitan Police in quelling the civil disturbance quickly, efficiently and professionally; After making 23 arrests, officials took proportionate lethal force when it became clear that this was absolutely necessary.